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The 7 Pages of Ads You Have to Click Through to Get to This Disappointing Cat Video!

paco sleep

I made it to minute 16.

Facebook users were annoyed to  to read a new article in which they had to click through 7 pages of ads to watch a video that was described as “disappointing” by most everyone, including the author of the piece itself.

Responses ranged from anger and confusion to something akin to resigned acceptance.

“Jesus, I feel like a fucking idiot!” said one Facebook user, Malcolm Schroeder. “I mean, it said exactly what it was going to be, but I still clicked on it anyway! I guess this is what the internet has come to.”

“I don’t get it, it’s just seven pages of annoying popup ads and a stupid video of  a cat sleeping. It’s not even doing anything cute!” said Facebooker, Megan Morgenstern.

The video in question was a 18 minute long shot of a napping tabby who only stirs once, to shift position slightly.

Even the video’s owner, Jake Johannson, was perplexed as to why his footage would be used in this way.

“I was just testing out my new video camera,” said Johannson, “I pointed it at Commander Pussington and just let it run. I guess it had an auto-upload setting I wasn’t aware of, because I sure wouldn’t want to subject anybody to something so boring.”

A number of readers grew increasingly frustrated by the number of advertisements they encountered and gave up before even watching the movie.

“I mean, I have  a pop-up blocker on my browser, but I guess these are a new kind that are able to get around that.”  Said Bill Arkadian, who requested we not use his name because he was embarrassed to get caught in such a simpleminded scam.

“Several times, I clicked on a big green arrow, thinking it would bring me to the next page so I could watch the goddamn video, but it just brought up another ad, because they hide them so well among the content. It’s very confusing!” added longtime internet user Ryan Markley, who stressed that he was “no rube, fresh off the bus,” when it came to these things.


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