"The Fiona Apple of Comedy"

10 Things Only People From This Particular Place Will Understand!



1. We locals refer to this particular place by a name that’s different than the one outsiders use!


You might know it as Bismark, North Dakota

2. We eat certain gross foods that you won’t eat unless you are from this particular place!


Mmmm, Spiderific!

3. Some of our drivers are really bad in this particular place!


I said a left at the sofa!

4. We have passionate fans of our local sports team in this particular place!


Let’s show our support for our hometown by burning down our hometown!

5. We have some crazy slang words that you won’t understand if you’re not from this particular place!


Oh no you didn’t!

6. We have strong opinions about how some of our local foods in this particular place are the best!


My favorite mom n pop joint!

7. We strongly identify with certain areas or regions of this particular place and sometimes have friendly rivalries with people from those other areas!


Stay golden!

8. We have co-opted certain phrases and lifestyles from the poor people who live in the impoverished areas of this particular place!


The author.

9. We have cherished collective memories about attending a local event or landmark in this particular place!


My usual chill zone!

10. We have people who find meaning and value in these idiotic lists and are willing to share them with others who have also migrated somewhere else from this particular place!


This could be you!

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