"The Fiona Apple of Comedy"

R.I.P. Falcor


I have been dreading writing this for weeks, but on December 20, Falcor left this life for the rainbow bridge the way she came into it: in the arms of her mother who delivered her.

I used to walk her around the neighborhood, a big tall monster with a tiny little dog and once a gardener stopped me to pet her and talk. He said he loved chihuahuas because they were so brave and tough. That was her, a tough little pipsqueak who preferred to rumble with pit bulls and German shepherds to dogs of her own size or kind. One time she got out and disappeared for 3 days in the coyote -infested wilderness by the American River in Sacramento. I like to imagine she ran around and joined a wolf pack or something and challenged the Alpha for leadership and actually won but decided to bow out and return home because she already had a family. 

We had a lot of these silly, complicated backstories for her but a dog’s life is simple: it was all about us. She lived to make us happy because she loved us so completely, with the whole of her being. That’s a dog. You’re their whole life. And at this she was very successful. She made us very happy with her love and we tried our best to love her back and give her a good life.

Thank you to Dr. Caroline Fallon and Hearts & Halos Aftercare for making her passing so peaceful.

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